In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God; and the Word was God. John 1:1

 The Gospel of John mirrors Genesis in that both begin with the understanding that the Word existed before the creation of the universe. Before existence, the Word was already verbal and active. This is not an inanimate and inactive God. The Word is not a motionless noun. Instead, we find Christ to be like an active verb that moves us.

 Before our existence, God always was. Everything then came into being because the Word said, “Let there be _____” (fill in the blank). Light, the heavens and the earth, everything seen and unseen—everything was created because God willed it through his spoken Word. In the creation of humanity, “God created man in his image. In the image of God he created him. Male and female he created them”(Genesis 1:27). Long before creating humanity, the Mind of God had already conceived Jesus the Word that became Flesh.

 If God created us through the spoken Word and we are created in his image, then we must be able to imitate God’s creativity through the words we say. Are we like bright mirrors that reflect Our Lord? Do we lose our brilliance when we are stained by sin? Is this why God sent his only begotten Son? Did Christ the Light become Flesh to show us the Way back to our original dignity as active words living in the flesh?

 The Incarnation of God in Jesus is a mystery that will never be fully understood. But through science, we can grasp the meaning of humanity living in the flesh. Through modern quantum physics, for example, we can get a glimpse of the complexity of the atoms and molecules that form the building blocks of our own flesh and blood, and of the entire universe. When studying the material world at a molecular level, we find that everything is an active vibration or an energy that connects to and therefore affects all of creation. We can see the connection of all existence to the vibrant Word of God. When we see everything as active vibration, then we can also see how everything can be affected by the spoken word. The tone of our voice, the words we say and how we say them can be constructive or destructive to any situation. And once the word has been spoken, there is no taking it back. Our words will forever live in the hearts and minds of those who hear them.

 We must therefore be careful of what we say. We must pray that every word we speak is a reflection of the living Word of God. We must pray to be kept away from words that come from the evil one. The devil will only lead to us to death and destruction.  We must instead stay connected to the Creator through loving communication that manifests creation. The Kingdom of Heaven is community in communion with the living Word. In the Kingdom, we see the image of God in every human being around us. We know that by being in good relation with our fellow human being, we are in good relation with God our Creator. When in communion, we hear the voice of the Crucified Christ in the cry of everyone suffering injustice. When we care for a child, we are like Mary caring for the Baby Jesus. And when we break bread with a loved one, we are sitting at the Table of the Lord.


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